May 082013

We recently got a request from a customer in Germany for a Porsche 918 RSR Martini. We did not have this specific model in our library so we asked Jean Louis, our designer, to create one and here is the result:
Porsche 918 RSR Martini
918 rsr martini broderie SpeedBoutique
NB: The logo is not part of final embroidery

Digitalizing a picture into an embroidery requires specific skills to define which details to keep and what colors to use. Embroidery systems are not printers and they have limited color numbers and details cannot be represented very well. This is the artist talent is essential because the vehicle on the embroidery must be easy to recognize. Jean Louis succeeded brilliantly with this design, don’t you think?

And how did the customer react when he received his shirt?
“I got your shirt last week. it is better than I expected – really great – perfect job ! ! !”