About Speed Boutique

Real amateurs of beautiful engines should not have to wear the same apparel as everybody else. Speed Boutique, unique distributor of Jan’s line, is here to help you .

Speed Boutique offers a full range of apparel, with customized decoration to fit the taste of all gear heads, including hot rodders, bikers, classics lovers, and more. We understand that your car or bike is unique and we love reproducing unique engines on the shirt that fits your style.

We cater to both individuals and organisations. We take pride in creating unique beautiful decorations, and we carefully select our clothing line to add value to our creations. So don’t hesitate to contact us with your personal project.

Visit us on the road

If you want to meet us in person, come and find us on one of the numerous shows we attend all over France and Europe. Our Blog and our calendar of event are the best way to know where we are.
Our booth is easy to notice next to our Peugeot 301 yellow pickup truck. You’ll discover there exclusive models and We’ll demonstrate how our mobile embroideries unit works.

Contact us by mail or phone:

100 route de la canche
Tel: (+33) 04 56 44 42 93
Email: info@speed-boutique.com