Jul 022015

Chevy 56- Front
You have a Sharpie marker,no paper and a Chevy 56, what do you? You start experimenting in a corner and after a while you realize there is no room left to draw under the hood. This is the story of Jim Thompsen and the result is quite astonishing.

Chevy 56- hood2
Chevy 56- hood1

Feb 212015

Chevrolet 1940 tow truck front
This beautifully restored Chevrolet 1940 tow truck reminds us of a time when cars were not as reliable as today. However, every person of good will could take a wrench, open the hood of their car and have fun. What is progress?


Chevrolet 1940 tow truck back

Jan 132015

This beautiful Studebaker 1956 was found in 1984 in a barn. With its engine of 275 bhp and a (relatively) light weight, she can be considered to be the ancester of our muscle cars.



Oct 082014

Ford 31 pickup red front
Here is a small 1931 Ford pickup. Ford made 4.8 million cars between 1927 and 1932, so no wonder they are everywhere.


Ford 31 pickup red motor

Sep 182014

It is not always always easy to track prices on the used car market. It is even more obvious with collection cars where every details can make a huge difference on the final price and the owner always try to get more than what the market can bear.
This Ford 1941 is a typical example and the $26,000 price tag reflects the emotion of the owner who had this car since the mid 60s.



Sep 022014

Tuesday morning September 2, 2014, better known as the day after Labor Day. Summer is officially gone. So to avoid any depressive state, here are two pictures of a Ford 32.


Jul 142014

What do you think about commuting every day to work with this slightly modified Ford T? That’s what this creative mechanic does every day in western Colorado, a region where it fortunately does not rain too often. He also admitted on the side that driving this car avoided him to have additional car payments. Nothing wrong with that.


Feb 202014

Chevrolet Pick Up 1941 front
Here is a pickup truck built by Chevrolet in 1941 as the country was getting ready to enter the war. Notice the bevelled grille bars very typical of these years. Obviously the changing paint was added recently and someone had clearly fun doing it.


Chevrolet Pick Up 1941 back Chevrolet Pick Up 1941 inside 1941 Chevrolet Truck Ad-02
Feb 032014


Here is a little beauty found in St Paul, MN: a Dodge pickup truck built in 1919 (our guess). It was restored perfectly and runs like a charm. For gigles, check the 1919 ads dating from a time when choosing your car color was not an option.


1921_Dodge_Pickup_Ad-04 dodge_pickup_1919_logo dodge_pickup_1919_woodwork dodge_pickup_1919_back