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Every organisation needs personalized apparel to help promote there image and mission. Those objects can also become an important source of income during shows and meetings.

We have for you a full range of promotion products that can be customized with your logo or anything you can think of. Examples of past realizations include, among others, shop clothes, polo shirts, T-shirt, fleece jackets, baseball caps, umbrellas, mugs, etc. We carefully selected those products to guaranty that they will not change shape or color over time. The quality of our personalizations is astounding and we guaranty that they will exceed the lifetime of the product itself.

We do not require any quantity minimum and we make sure our products will be available over time. In addition, we can store your customized products and deliver them under your name directly to your end customers.

We don’t charge you for tooling costs and we don’t impose quantity minimums. However, based on the quantity you need, we offer discounts up to 50% of the nominal price.

Send us a description and a picture of what you want to achieve, the type of apparel you are looking for, and an estimate of the quantities, and we will get back to you with a free estimate of the cost and delivery.

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